Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant


The Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant program is a 62-credit on-campus master's degree for individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree.

Upon completion, these individuals will be eligible to take a national examination for certification as a pathologists' assistant. This program would be offered as a twenty month(proposed 24 month program in the future), full-time, curriculum on campus. A Upon completion of this program, the individual would be awarded the Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Upon graduation, you earn a Masters of Science in Pathologists' Assistant. As a graduate of this program, you are eligible for national certification as a Pathologists' Assistant. Several states require a license to practice and may require graduates to take an additional examination.

Note: Texas does not currently require a license to practice.

Degree Requirements

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Category Semester Credit Hours (SCH)
Required Courses 62
Internships Included Above
Total 62
Masters Courses Schedule for Pathologists' Assistant Applicants

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Total Credit Hours: 62

Fall ICLLS 5421Pathobiology and Host Defense4
Fall ICLLS 5420Molecule, Cells and Tissues4
Fall ICLLS 5502Practice of Pathology I5
Total: 13
Spring ICLLS 5501Human Anatomy5
Spring ICLLS 5422Practice of Pathology II4
Spring ICLLS 5423Systemic Pathology4
Total: 13
Summer ICLLS 5270Surgical Pathology2
Summer ICLLS 5271Autopsy Pathology2
Summer ICLLS 5173Special Dissection Techniques1
Summer ICLLS 5280Education and Communication in Pathology2
Total: 7
Fall IIMSHP 5301Medical Ethics3
Fall IICLLS 5174Applied Clinical and Anatomic Pathology I1
Fall IICLLS 5701PathA Clinical Rotation I7
Total: 11
Spring IICLLS 5320Laboratory Management3
Spring IICLLS 5175Applied Clinical and Anatomic Pathology II1
Spring IICLLS 5702PathA Clinical Rotation II7
Total: 11
Summer IICLLS 5703PathA Clinical Rotation III7
Total: 7

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