Master of Science in Health Professions

Degree Plans & Curriculum

The Master of Science in Health Professions is a distance learning degree program that requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework that includes 15 credit hours of core curriculum and 15 credit hours of required coursework. Students may also take 2-3 hours of electives. The program is self-paced but is generally completed in three to five semesters. The MSHP is a degree for persons with a bachelor's degree in arts or sciences.

Each class is exclusively administered online and uses Blackboard for coursework and assignments.

Start dates

Students may begin in either the spring, summer or fall semesters each year. The spring semester begins at the beginning of January, summer semester starts at the end of April, and the fall semester begins at the end of August.


Core Courses (all courses are required)

In lieu of the 6 credit hours of Thesis courses, students may take an additional 6 credit hours of coursework listed in Program Courses section below.

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MSHP 5301Medical Ethics3
MSHP 5302Introduction to Scientific Writing3
MSHP 5303Health Care Policy3
MSHP 5204Thesis Project I2
MSHP 5205Thesis Project II2
MSHP 5206Thesis Project III 2
Program Courses (5 courses/15 Credit Hours are required)

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MSHP 5310Human Resources and Leadership3
MSHP 5311Management of Health Information3
MSHP 5312Financing Health Care3
MSHP 5313Quality Assurance and Risk Management3
MSHP 5314Management in Healthcare3
MSHP 5315U.S. Health Care System3
MSHP 5316Introduction to Community and Public Health3
MSHP 5317Health Care Professions Leadership3
MSHP 5320Developing Education Materials3
MSHP 5321Classroom Technology3
MSHP 5322Education Laboratory and Clinical3
MSHP 5323Technology Clinical Simulation3
OCCT 6350Evidence Based Practice3
PHYT 6270Global Health Interprofessional Studies I2
PHYT 6271Global Health Interprofessional Studies II2

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