Respiratory Care

Degree Plan & Curriculum

The Department of Respiratory Care offers the Degree Advancement Master of Science in Respiratory Care (MSRC).

The Degree Advancement MSRC program will enable prospective registered respiratory therapists (RRT) with a baccalaureate degree the ability to advance their education to the Master of Science level within Respiratory Care. Graduates will be prepared to be a leader within the respiratory care profession.


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The self-paced MSRC curriculum is 31+ credit hours over 2-4 years. The program allows for specialization in one of three domains of leadership:

  • Operational Leadership
  • Education Leadership
  • Research Leadership

Students will take 20 hours of core courses and 11+ hours of program courses. The student could take up to 36 credits to earn their degree. We plan that the average student will complete the curriculum within 6 semesters, but it may be longer.

Total: 31+ Credits

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Leadership TracksCourseTitleCredits
Core CoursesRESC 5402Neonatal-Pediatric Respiratory Care4
Core CoursesRESC 5405Mechanical Ventilation II4
Core CoursesRESC 6301Evidence Based Practice3
Core CoursesRESC 6401Disease Management II4
Core CoursesRESC 6204Current Trends in Respiratory Care2
Core CoursesMSHP 5301Medical Ethics3
Total Core Credits: 20
OperationalMSHP 5303Health Care Policy3
OperationalMSHP 5310Human Resource & Leadership3
OperationalMSHP 5313Quality Assurance & Risk Management3
OperationalMSHP 5314Management in Healthcare3
OperationalRESC 6203Capstone Experience2
Total Operational Track: 14
EducationalMSHP 5320Developing Educational Materials 3
EducationalMSHP 5321Classroom Technology3
EducationalMSHP 5322Education Laboratory & Clinical3
EducationalMSHP 5323Technology Clinical Simulation3
EducationalRESC 6201Education Methods2
EducationalRESC 6203Capstone Experience2
Total Education Track: 16
ResearchRESC 5201Intro to Research2
ResearchMSHP 5302Intro to Scientific Writing3
ResearchCLLS 5319Biostatistics3
ResearchRESC 6205Thesis I2
ResearchRESC 6206Thesis II2
ResearchRESC 6207Thesis III2
Total Research Track: 14

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