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Working together to work wonders by educating tomorrow's healers through groundbreaking research and excellent patient care.

For over a century, the University of Texas Medical Branch has dedicated its efforts toward improving the health of society - in Texas and beyond. Today the SHP offers Baccalaureate degrees in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Respiratory Care, master's degrees in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Health Professions, Nutrition & Metabolism and Physician Assistant Studies, and a professional doctorate in Physical Therapy.

In addition to designing and implementing innovative ways to deliver instruction to students at distant locations, the school continuously explores opportunities to expand its program offerings and interprofessional learning.

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Student Emergency Operations

Emergency situations can arise for all kinds of reasons. The key is to know what your options are when they do.

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Health Professions News

SHP Faculty Researcher Spotlight - October 2018

Lynne Hughes

Dr. Lynne Hughes joined the SHP faculty in 2014 to teach in the Bridge PTA to DPT program. Her current research interest is incorporating manual therapy as an appropriate and effective intervention for older persons. Dr. Hughes utilizes mixed methods design to provide both quantitative and qualitative views of participant outcomes.

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SHP 50th Anniversary Celebration

UTMB Health School of Health Professions 50 year anniversary

Make plans to join us as the School of Health Professions (SHP) celebrates our 50th Anniversary. We will host a variety of events for SHP students, faculty, staff, alumni and the UTMB campus community. Plans for the momentous celebration are underway and we invite you to participate in the celebration. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more updates.

SHP 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Saturday, October 20, 2018
6:30 - 11:00 pm

The Galveston Island Convention Center at The San Luis Resort, Grand Ballroom
5600 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX

Formal invitation to follow, tickets $75 per person.

Attention Alumni: If you would like to ensure your name is on the formal invitation list, please email the following information to Michelle Conley at

Full name (include maiden if applicable), mailing address, program of study and class year.
We would also encourage you to provide your email for Alumni News.

Visit: SHP 50th Anniversary

SHP Faculty Researcher Spotlight - August 2018

Brian Downer

Dr. Christopher Fry is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism.

His research focuses on elucidating the mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle plasticity to establish interventions to maintain muscle mass and strength during conditions of muscle wasting. Muscle strength is compromised in a variety of acute and chronic health conditions, contributing to reductions in quality of life and functional recovery.

Read More: SHP Faculty Researcher Spotlight

SHP Welcomes Associate Dean Dr. Christine Baker

Chrstine Baker

Dr. Christine Baker has been appointed the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) in the School of Health Professions, effective July 3, 2018. She was named the Interim Associate Dean for ASA on March 20, 2018.

Dr. Baker earned her baccalaureate degree from Texas Woman's University (TWU) in 1977, followed by her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from TWU in 1978; her EdD in special education was awarded by Texas Tech University in 1989. She has been at UTMB since 1986, is a tenured professor in the Department of Physical Therapy , and holds the Ruby Decker Professorship in Physical Therapy. Dr. Baker is the recipient of numerous teaching awards at the school, university and UT System including the Regent's Outstanding Teaching Award.

Dr. Baker has been designing and delivering distance education for more than 10 years and has served as a site visitor and team leader fr the Commission on Accreditation in Physical therapy Education (CAPTE). She has many years of experience in academic and student issues at UTMB, having served on many UTMB committees.

Student Accomplishments

Students posing on a sail boat.

Kudos to Dr. Adrianna Laprea and to the PT students that participated in the Inaugural Land and Sea Adaptive Sports Challenge this past weekend. The students include, Samuel Callia, Gregory Conner, Paxton Cook, Emarchele De Villa, Jordaine-Faith Enriquez, Jacob Erickson, Elaine Gattenby, Jacqueline Gracia, Miriah Hadley, Ellen Hermes, Sara Holland, Melanie Hummert, Elizabeth Kunder, Matthew Lee, Anna Ng, Kierra Patton, Hannah Powell, Erin Rose, Nisha Sanchez, Leslie Snider, Nithin Thaimuriyil, Chelsea Vasquez and Justin Yeh.

Activity was captured by the Galveston Daily News

Students posing on a basketball court.

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TurningPoint 5 - Download Instructions - This document will gives instructions for downloading and running TurningPoint 5. Especially the Non-Install PC Version that can be put on a flash drive and used to play your presentation from any PC.

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