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Academic and Student Affairs

The School of Health Professions exists to serve its students. Great pride is taken in our student body, and the admissions committees strive to admit the most qualified applicants. Each entering class represents a variety of educational, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. While each student is unique, all share high motivation, scholastic ability and great potential for success as health care professionals.


The Office of Academic and Student Affairs provides a variety of services, programs, and activities in support of the academic mission of the UTMB School of Health Professions (SHP). We are involved with our students from the time of recruitment, acceptance, required processes for admissions, orientation, and course enrollment, culminating in commencement.

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs Mission & Goal Statements

The mission of the SHP Academic and Student Affairs is to serve as a liaison for SHP students and departments with other UTMB university offices and services, to facilitate the creation of program curricula and educational programming that fulfills the university's and School of Health Profession's missions, and to enhance students' academic success by developing student skills, cultivating varied, interprofessional campus life experiences and enriching the university community through our programs and services.

The goal of SHP Academic and Student Affairs is to support and guide students as they navigate the university community, and to enrich students' academic experience by building an inclusive community, supporting emotional, intellectual and personal growth, facilitating professional development and providing guidance toward a professional health career.

We recognize that the SHP Office of Academic and Student Affairs mission complements the school and institution's mission, with the promotion of quality and innovative education, research and service, enhancement of student learning, collaboration, and mutual respect and appreciation for the dignity of all people. We support our SHP departments and programs as they seek to improve the health of the people of Texas and around the world.

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Office of Academic and Student Affairs
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