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Our distance education programs offer qualified students an opportunity to complete a majority of their coursework at a distance. The goal of these programs is to provide critically needed laboratory personnel for health care facilities in rural Texas. Students receive the same faculty support, advisement and personal contact as if they were on campus at UTMB Galveston.

Instruction is provided via streaming video and narrated PowerPoint lectures, web-based instructional lessons, on-line interactive course laboratories using video and animation, interactive discussion and chat sessions, on-line testing and evaluation, comprehensive on-line review materials, the Internet, and occasional on-campus laboratories. An off-campus baccalaureate degree has been approved by the UT System, the Board of Regents, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The student will need access to the internet. Please refer to the UTMB Information Services web page for hardware and software recommendations.

Faculty-Student Interaction

The student will have access with the Program Director, assigned advisor and course instructor via email, discussion board and as a last resort, the telephone. These individuals will answer email within 24 hours Monday-Friday and as soon as possible at other times. Other faculty members will provide an alternative during times when they are not available.

Academic Support

The Program Director and your advisor will provide academic support. For any academic problems, the student will be advised as to the procedure and assistance will be provided as needed.

All clinical rotations must be approved by the Clinical Education Coordinator. If approved, the student may use their place of employment or other laboratories in the area where they live. Review the CLS Preceptorship web page for more information.

Additional Resources

Do you think you are the type of student that can learn through online instruction? The following link gives you information about Distance education: What Makes a Successful online student?

This is an excellent site with suggestions and quizzes to take to see if you are suitable for distance education. A book for first time online learning might also be helpful: E-Learning Companion: A Student's Guide to Online Success by Ryan Watkins, Michael Corry. So are you ready to apply? If so, contact the CLS Admissions chair at

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