Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Student Testimonials

The UTMB CLS Distance Program has afforded me the opportunity to further my career without the many restrictions of a traditional educational program. It allows me to build on the knowledge I have accumulated through my experiences in the workforce. The course load is flexible and the instructors are very aware of the difficulties related to continuing your education while still maintaining a full-time job position. I could not have attempted to pursue my degree without a structure such as this. Thanks UTMB! (C.S.)

The Clinical Laboratory Science Program at UTMB was exactly what I was looking for. I served as a Medical Laboratory Technician in the United States Navy for 7 years and was looking to complete my BS degree in CLS. The Program at UTMB is an excellent follow up to any MLT program. With several different degree plans, it appeals to students with a clinical laboratory background as well as those without. The student/instructor ratio is ideal for learning and provides the student with many opportunities to really explore the material. The staff is always willing to help a student with his or her individual needs. I would recommend this Program to anyone pursuing a career in the field of clinical laboratory science, as well as other medical fields, such as physician assistant or forensic science. (C.H.)

My experience with the CLS Distance Program has been very positive. The faculty are great! They are highly educated and are very knowledgeable in their respective fields. They are very helpful and are always available when needed. I would encourage anyone who has even a slight interest in medical technology to really consider the CLS Program at UTMB. (K.T.)

One of the unique things about the CLS Program at UTMB is the chance to do research. You have the chance to see what research involves, and you get a glimpse of other opportunities you can take within the field. This Program also has some excellent teachers who take a vested interest in your learning. They make lectures and labs interesting and sometimes fun! (L.H.)

I believe that the LEAP Program is a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to obtain a bachelor's degree but are unable to continue their education due to their location or personal circumstances. The benefits of the Distance Program are a relaxed teaching environment, flexible professors and staff, and convenience for students who are employed full time. I chose the LEAP Program because of UTMB's reputation for offering quality education and the chance to earn my bachelor's degree without having to move to the campus. The only disadvantage of the program is the isolation from the classroom, which requires a distance student to maintain a determination to complete their education. As a distance student for the CLS Program, I highly recommend it to individuals who have a personal dedication and desire to further their education, but have never had the opportunity to reach their goals because a CLS program is not offered within their surrounding area. (S.C.)

Clinical Laboratory Science offers an array of opportunities within healthcare, while revolving around the world of science. This Program engulfs laboratory medicine, from basic routine applications to the most intriguing and sophisticated methods of pathological diagnosis. I have been tested at every educational level and feel this education has and will continue to prepare me for a challenging workforce. This Program also has given me a competitive advantage to further my education. Instruction is not only lecture-based, but hands-on, where step into the laboratory. Reinforcing the lecture material in lab helps contour the learning experience. If you are looking for a solid, strong career or building on your education, I truly recommend Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program at UTMB. (J.S.)

I chose the UTMB CLS Program to further my education in obtaining a bachelor's degree. I am currently an MLT with an associate's degree and desire to complete my bachelor's. Since I work full-time, being a distant student was the only feasible choice I had for this. There is a financial benefit, as well as personal satisfaction, in advancing my career to the level of Medical Technologist. Being an MLT has produced a great deal of satisfaction for me and I would encourage others to try this field, especially if you enjoy the sciences. I love discovering things and the laboratory allows a great deal of this in trying to figure out what is happening with a patient. Correlation of all results to obtain a diagnosis is what a physician needs, and that physician depends upon the laboratory results, so you have a direct responsibility and obligation to the patient to make no mistakes and strive for the best in yourself. You have a direct influence with the patient. Imagine what it would be like for a doctor to try and diagnose a patient without any lab work. It is the most important step for the physician and your results have a positive impact on the diagnosis. (M.C.)

I just wanted to thank you for a great [CE] course. Even after 25 years in the business, I'm still learning. I really enjoyed the lectures and I must say I am impressed with your Distance Program. I have not found anyone yet that has not gone the extra mile to help me. It's too bad other institutions haven't taken your lead. (R.S.)

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