Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Our Mission

The mission of the UTMB CLS Program is to anticipate the healthcare needs of the Texas community and respond by recruiting and educating a diverse group of quality laboratory professionals, while fostering collaborative relationships that generate new knowledge through innovative methodologies, research, and education.

Our Vision

The vision of the UTMB CLS Program is to enhance the community of healthcare through the quality of our graduates, scholarly activities, collaborative efforts and community interactions.

Our Philosophy

Our Clinical Laboratory Sciences program subscribes to the common philosophy of health care that professionals should tailor their efforts to meet the needs of the individual. Just as health care delivery is directed toward the needs of the individual, education of the health care professional is directed toward developing the student as a total person. Pre-professional collegiate education is therefore aimed at developing within students an appreciation for the contribution of both art and science to our culture while emphasizing potential contributions students can make to humankind and the environment. The responsibility of the professional education setting then is provide a climate that will offer students the opportunity to develop their maximum potential as members of society and of the profession. Professional education also has a responsibility for developing awareness in the student that excellence in any professional practice involves a commitment to lifelong learning.

The practice of medical laboratory scientist requires compassion and sensitivity combined with intellectual maturity, honesty, and curiosity. The Clinical Laboratory Sciences faculty recognize their responsibility to teach students to be fully aware of the implications of their actions as professional, essential members of the health care team.

To achieve this mission, the program enforces policies and regulations stated in the SHP Bulletin and the UTMB Catalog. Additional policies and regulations established by the program are based on educational and clinical structures and the practical limitations of the program. It is essential that each student understand the regulations, their enforcement, and their rationale prior to beginning their program.

Program Goals

The goals of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program are to:

  1. Collaborate with other educational institutions in providing opportunities for clinical laboratory sciences education.
  2. Provide competent medical laboratory scientists for the underserved areas of Texas.
  3. Offer the opportunity for each graduate to attain entry level success in the profession of clinical laboratory sciences.
  4. Contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of clinical laboratory sciences.
  5. Provide an opportunity for each student to develop his/her maximum potential.
  6. Contribute to the continued development and expansion of the field of clinical laboratory sciences.
  7. Promote the team concept in health care.
  8. Provide a curriculum with a knowledge/skills base for future growth of graduates.

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