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Main Office
P: 409-772-3060

Level I Fieldwork Coordinator
Kyra Gainous, OTD, OTR
P: 409-772-5568
E:  kogainou@utmb.edu

Level II Fieldwork Coordinator
Karthik Mani, OTD, OTR
P: 409-772-3060
E:  kamani@utmb.edu

Administrative Associate
Aisha Fuentes
P: 409-772-3060
E: aifuente@utmb.edu

Introduction To Field Work

The American Occupational Therapy Association requires Level I, Level II, and Capstone Experiential fieldwork as part of an accredited occupational therapy program. Also students may be required by some facilities to undergo a criminal background check before interning at their sites.

Fieldwork Timeline

1st Year - Spring
Level I Fieldwork Physical Disabilities

1st Year - Summer
Level I Fieldwork Neurological Practice

2nd Year - Fall
Level I Fieldwork Mental Health & Cognitive Practice

2nd Year - Spring
Level I Fieldwork Pediatric Practice

2nd Year - Summer
Level I Fieldwork Community Practice

  • The Academic Fieldwork Coordinator (AFWC) assigns Level I placements. Although location of residence is taken into consideration, students may have to commute to a nearby city for Level I fieldwork.
  • Students will complete a demographic survey to provide the fieldwork coordinator with information about residence and areas of special interest.

3rd Year - Fall
Level II Fieldwork Rotation #1 September to December

3rd Year - Spring
Level II Fieldwork Rotation #2 January to March

3rd Year - Spring/Summer
Capstone Experiential April to July

Types of Rotations

Fieldwork sites are located across the state of Texas, and students are responsible for relocation and living expenses while on Fieldwork.

Fieldwork Placements

Students are not assigned to a site where they:

  • worked in another capacity, such as an aide, tech, direct care, etc.
  • did volunteer work, including pre-admission experiences
  • have relatives on staff, either in OT or in other health care professions at the same facility
  • have signed a post-graduation employment contract
  • are negotiating employment

Selection of Fieldwork Sites

Students receive a list of available sites for Level II fieldwork in the fall of the 2nd year. From this list, students indicate 5 choices in priority for each fieldwork.

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